Sinhgad Spring Dale School, Ambegaon

Principal Desk

The Sinhgad schools foster an atmosphere of trust, love and respect for each person as the basis for sound education. The highly qualified professional staff of the school works closely with parents to ensure that both home and school provide the best environment for the growth of the child.

Our effort is focused not only on pure study and hence, we have provided each child with many opportunities in both academics and co-curricular activities and become the best person he or she can be.

We implement a philosophy of Personalized Education. We believe that all students are equal and must make their own mark within the community. Each student's individuality will be respected and the student will be taught to compete against himself or herself rather than against others. Good behavior must similarly be not to impress others but because it satisfies oneís own self respect.

Character training is fostered by the environment we create and the opportunities we offer. Students will be given the opportunity to handle responsibilities and also to accept personal responsibility, to acquire new skills and to make decisions for themselves.

School years are crucial for the development of good habits and character which are the building blocks of excellence. The habit of study, the love of learning and the quest for truth, the responsible use of freedom, personal veracity and an ardor to help improve society, are especially vital. These tools are essential to empower the student to become an excellent professional and a mature and responsible citizen. It is well known that the critical developmental period for these qualities is the schooling years. The earlier a child benefits from an education which fosters these good qualities the better the chance he or she has to reach his or her full potential and to make a positive contribution to society.

In order to accomplish our goals and take our students to the highest level of achievement possible, we will need to work together and thatís what we aim at Sinhgad Spring Dale School from its inception. Let us together build a generation with an enquiring mind, principles, a sense of service and compassion for those less fortunate, respect for nature, tolerance, and the qualities to become good citizens of India and the world.

Mrs. Sheetal Sapkal
Principal (Primary & Secondary)