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Principal's Desk

Mrs. Sheetal Sapkal

The Sinhgad schools foster an atmosphere of trust, love and respect for each person as the basis for sound education. The highly qualified professional staff of the school works closely with parents to ensure that both home and school provide the best environment for the growth of the child.

Our effort is focused not only on pure study and hence, we have provided each child with many opportunities in both academics and co-curricular activities and become the best person he or she can be.

We implement a philosophy of Personalized Education. We believe that all students are equal and must make their own mark within the community. Each student's individuality will be respected and the student will be taught to compete against himself or herself rather than against others. Good behavior must similarly be not to impress others but because it satisfies one’s own self respect.

Character training is fostered by the environment we create and the opportunities we offer. Students will be given the opportunity to handle responsibilities and also to accept personal responsibility, to acquire new skills and to make decisions for themselves.

School years are crucial for the development of good habits and character which are the building blocks of excellence. The habit of study, the love of learning and the quest for truth, the responsible use of freedom, personal veracity and an ardor to help improve society, are especially vital. These tools are essential to empower the student to become an excellent professional and a mature and responsible citizen. It is well known that the critical developmental period for these qualities is the schooling years. The earlier a child benefits from an education which fosters these good qualities the better the chance he or she has to reach his or her full potential and to make a positive contribution to society.

In order to accomplish our goals and take our students to the highest level of achievement possible, we will need to work together and that’s what we aim at Sinhgad Spring Dale School from its inception. Let us together build a generation with an enquiring mind, principles, a sense of service and compassion for those less fortunate, respect for nature, tolerance, and the qualities to become good citizens of India and the world.

We are committed to make learning, a joyful experience,
at Sinhgad Spring Dale Pre-Primary Schools.

Admissions : Qualifying Age

  1.  Advertisement appears in all the leading newspapers in the month of November or December. Sale of prospectus begins thereafter.
  2. The Prospectus contains the application form
  3. Date and time for interaction with child & parents is given at the time of purchase of prospectus.
  4. At the time of submitting the application form the original birth certificate has to be shown. The application form must be correctly filled with a latest photograph of your child. A Photo copy of birth certificate and medical fitness certificate from a Pediatrician has to be attached to the form stating the Normalcy of the child to attend a regular school .
  5. Eligibility of admission to a particular class is decided by the management by observing the readiness of the child.
  6. Selection is declared immediately on the following day and admission is confirmed only after the payment of fees .


  • Under the RTE act we have 25% seats reserved for Mini KG.

Qualifying Age

  1. Mini K.G. : 3 years complete as on 31 July
  2. Junior K.G. : 4 years complete as on 31 July
  3. Senior K.G. : 5 years complete as on 31 July

Admissions : Fee Structure







Admission Fee
Tution Fee
Term Fee
Other Fee




Refundable Deposit




Grand Total




Admissions : Fees

  1. Fee should be paid as specified in the fee structure in one installment by a Demand Draft drawn in favor of the School
  2. Office hours for fee transaction: 9.30am. to 2.30 pm. on working days.
  3. Bus fee are also to be paid in one installment. The bus route & the bus stop allotted will not be changed in the midst of one academic session.
  4. Admission will be confirmed after completion of the necessary office procedure & payment of the fees.
  5. In case of delay in payment of fees , admission will be cancelled.


Admissions : Cancellation Rules

  1. In case parents wish to withdraw the admission of their child, it should be intimated to the school office before the school closes in second term for summer vacation.
  2. Fees will be deducted as per norms.

14 th July 2016 - Aashadhi ekadashi

Aashadhi ekadashi

Aashadhi ekadashi

Aashadhi ekadashi

Aashadi Ekadashi is a holy day of special significance to Vaishnavas followers of Hindu preserver god ‘Vishnu’. On this day people (warkari’s) go walking in huge procession from Aalandi to Pandharpur. The palakhis from Dehu (Tukaram’s), Paithan (Eknath’s), Trimbakeshwar (Nivruttinath’s), Muktainagar (Muktabai’s),Saswad (Sopandev’s) and from Shegaon Saint Gajanan Maharaj’s also join the procession by singing abhangas (chanting hymns) of all these saints dedicated to God Vitthal.
On Thursday 14th July, Aashadi Ekadashi was celebrated in school with great pomp. The procession started with a pooja performed by our Head Mistress of the paduka’s of Dnyaneshwar Maharaj in the palkhi (palanquin). The Sr. K.G. children carry the palkhi to the hall chanting .’ Dnyanba Tukaram’ , Dnyaneshwar mauli, Dnyanraj mauli Tukaram’.
Our Head Mistress told the significance of the day & performed pooja of lord Vithoba. One of our teacher told a very nice story of little ‘Namdev’ to the children and asked them to have faith,devotion and love as little Namdev’. A song in praise of god ‘ Vitthal’ called Aarti was sung along with the children by all the teachers. Children enjoyed a lot and got to know about this day by actually participating in the event.

21 st June 2016 - Yoga day

Yoga day

Yoga day

Yoga day

The International yoga day is celebrated on 21st June every year. The importance of yoga has been understood by all, even the western countries are now practicing yoga to keep their mental and physical state in stable position. They have admitted that yoga can do miracles.
In our school Headmistress Mrs. Sujata Mam told the students about the importance of yoga during the assembly and after that Sr. K.G. student were asked to gather assemble in the hall, where they performed yogasanas under the able guidance of teachers and Headmistress.
They started with a prayer followed by omkar & Pranayam. Then children performed sitting and standing asanas & surya namaskar Children enjoyed doing it and promised Sujata Mam that they will do it regularly.

29 th April 2016 - Project Display

Project Display

Project Display

Project Display

On 29th April project display on ‘Types of houses’ was put up Models of all the types of houses like hut, bungalow, igloo, stilt house and different rooms in the house were very well made. Parents participation in making models, their creativity and skill was very appreciable. This also showed their involvement in upbringing & overall development of their child.
Children took great interest in watching it and showing their friends the models made by them. It was kept open for the parents on Parent’s Teacher Meeting day. Parents also got new ideas of making models. A bond between parent and child was seen, clearly developing through such projects.

8 th April 2015 - Prize Distribution







As the academic year was coming to an end ,an event to commemorate outstanding students in overall school activities was organized .Prizes were distributed to the winners of quiz competition Headmistress Sujata Madam was the chief Guest and was kind enough to give the prizes to the outstanding students. All the winners were smartly dressed with Red robe and graduation cap, it was the highlight of the program.






An event of Dramatization was conducted by Sr. K.G & Jr. K.G and dances by MINI K.G. Every Class was allotted the topic to prepare the skit and dance. Topics like animals, community helpers, fruits & vegetables,plants & flowers, food we eat were given. All children participated very enthusiastically and delivered the dialogues according to the script. All the skits gave valuable information to the children. It was a splendid performance by all the Jr & Sr. K.G children & the efforts taken by Sr.K.G Teachers. The children were dressed up according to the characters to be enacted & used various props for the drama. The stage was set up according to each skit. All children of Mini, Jr & Sr. K.G also enjoyed the skit & dance put up by the participants.

23 rd March 2015 - Quiz Competition



An Event of Quiz Competition was conducted for Sr. KG. Children on 23 March. Question of various categories were asked related to the topic of Language, Numbers, EVS, GK, Sports, Movies, Music.
FOUR Children from each class of Sr. KG were selected as a team. Every individual team was allotted time limit to answer the Questions. Quiz Competition was conducted by Jr. KG teachers. The children of Sr. KG answered the Questions very brilliantly.
Two teams SR.E & Sr. A were the winners of the Quiz Competition.

7 th March 2015 - Project







23 rd February 2015 - Story Telling Competition

Story Telling

Story Telling

As we all know vocabulary building is an important skill, so is listening. To know these skills in our Sr.K.G.students, a story telling competition was held on 23 rd February.
Many children had participated with different wonderful stories to tell to the audience, like..A bell for a cat, Summer season, The sweet jar, The farmer and the magic goose and so on…..
The children narrated stories using voice modulation, expressions and body language. They used flash cards and stick puppets as confidently as teachers. At the end of the story they also gave a valuable moral to the audience.
The teachers and parents should encourage the children to participate in such competitions as they help them to improve their confidence, memorization, over all development and remove stage fear.

HAND WRITING COMPETITION ( Monday,19th January 2015)



It is scientifically proven that handwriting develops better personality. People with good handwriting have better personality. They are accurate in judging others, have bigger ambition in life and they have good attitude and also people admiration. Handwriting also helps to develop confidence.

We are also trying our best to develop in our children the habit to write neatly and correctly. Our children and teachers are doing their best in all these areas. For Jr.K.G.:-Children wrote capital A-Z as the part of the handwriting competition with proper strokes ,touching Red to Blue line and correct formation which was held on 19/1/2015.

For Sr.k.G. :- Children wrote cursive handwriting which is an important tool for cognitive development particularly in training the brain to learn functional specialization that is the capacity for optional efficiency.

Fancy Dress Competition ( Monday,19th January 2015)

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy dress competition was held on 19th January, for Mini K.G. students. All the children were dressed up in colorful and innovative dresses. Those dresses depicted different birds, fruits, insects, saints, community helpers and flowers. Children were asked to prepare dialogues about the character they are dressed up for.

Each and every child prepared for the competition was given an opportunity to perform in front of other children. It was indeed a treat for all the teachers to see these tiny tots performing confidently on the stage. We all appreciated the efforts taken by the parents.

Infrastructure , Facilities & Library :-

Our spacious learning friendly classrooms are designed to create an ambience conducive for learning. They are fully equipped with colorful furniture , plenty of picture boards, drawing boards for children, hanging mobiles, colorful charts, flash cards  sentence reading stands,  easel boards for painting, Toy racks loaded with soft toys and other toys like fixing blocks, beads ,plasticine ,picture books etc.

An Audio Visual Room for showing films and slides,

A specially decorated Music Hall.

A fully equipped book’s library and toy’s library with blocks, puzzles and Montessori teaching aids

A Medical Room for first aid and resting, with a fully trained Nurse to take care of sick children.

A Medical and Dental Check up of students by our own Hospital Staff.

Bus Facility for Safe commuting

The school has a fleet of over 80 buses plying in different areas all over Pune. For pre primary buses ply as far as KEM Hospital, Laxmi road,Dhankawadi, Bibwewadi, Katraj , Swargate, Kothrud, Paud road, Bavdhan, Khanapur, DSK Vishwa,Dhayari .

View Booklet Bus Route & Fare

Insurance Policy

The STE Society has insured all the students under an Insurance Policy that covers hospitalization charges from Rs. 7000/- to Rs20000/- and in case of death a compensation upto Rs.1,00,000 at minimal contribution of Rs. 11/- per child.

Safety measures like Fire Extinguishers  and 2 Separate Entry and Exit Gates, Aqua Guard water filters and water coolers supplying  pure and clean water.

Contact Us

School Name Sinhgad Spring Dale School, Ambegoan
10/1, Ambegaon, PUNE - 411 041.
Principal Mrs. Sheetal Sapkal
Pre-primary 020–24350488 / 24357051
Primary 020 – 24350272
Secondary 020 – 24350059

Close academics


Teaching in play way is based on Project Methodology. Project Methodology brings about an All Round Development for it covers the different areas of development. Every month a new project is planned. Using Web technique we plan activities that revolve around this project. Let us now see for eg. how a project Food we eat  is planned according to Project Method.

Teaching Material

Sinhgad Spring Dale Nursery School has its own colorful and graded Designer  Workbooks, for all subjects  covered at pre -school  level  like  English  Language workbook,  English Reader, Number Workbook,  E.V.S. Workbook ,Phonics Work book,    M.R. Script Handwriting book, Rhymes book . All the poems and rhymes are also given in musical form in a CD. All the project related stories told at school are also recorded in an Audio Visual CD.
This Syllabus is centralized for all branches of Sinhgad Schools.

As per the web technique

Through picture charts, books, actual material on Display Tables
Related to project for eg. cross the junk food items or tick the vegetarian food items only.
Making sandwiches using salad vegetables
Project Display
All items of food, would be displayed, vegetarian ,non vegetarian, Cereals, pulses, healthy, junk, fast food, instant food, preserved food etc.
By teachers for children on the value of “Eating balanced Diet”.
Field Trip
To Green Grocer or sabji mandi by parents
  1. Five corn Buns
  2. What is in a Glass of Milk?
  3. I like to eat tasty food
  1. An autobiography of a Jam Bottle
  2. The Boy who hated Vegetable
  3. Glass of Milk.

This method is followed scrupulously in every project at Spring Dale Nursery School. Not a single day goes without learning something new. Each day is interesting.

Spring Dale children hate weekends when there is no school.


Close academics

Curriculum Planning

Learning   in any new language takes  place in 4   stages  through Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. While the first 2 skills develop at home, the next two skills develop in the school. The aim of any   pre –school curriculum is  therefore  to develop children in the pre- reading and pre- writing skills, as well as to develop an awareness about  themselves and their surroundings.

This is a very difficult job as the children  entering the school at 2 ½ years in the Mini KG are like  blank slates. Introduction to Alphabet, Numbers , Days of the week, Months of the year are all abstract concepts for them. The approach has to be from concrete to abstract, from known to unknown. The Play way Method is therefore the best way to plan the Curriculum for the preschoolers.

At “Spring Dale Nursery School” maximum effort is made to  make learning a joyful experience by following the Playway Method to its core and make each concept interesting for learning  .(For  eg.  before introducing letter ” A “ children will actually see many different objects beginning with the “phonic sound” of “A” like apple, axe, ant, alligator, ankle, ambulance etc. They will make body actions forming letter A, do Ariel writing of the letter saying a jingle “Up and Down with a line in between”, they will also color the letter and only then would call it as letter A of the alphabet. Games would be further played for letter recognition ,phonic sound recognition for reinforcing the abstract concept).


Close academics

Name of the Employees Designation Qualification Date of
Work Experience
Archana Jude Dass Asst Teacher BA, DECE, MTC 16/06/2000 13 Yrs
Kavita Shitul Chanchani Asst Teacher B.Hsc, B.Ed, MTTC 23/07/2000 13 Yrs
Rupali Anil Sapte Asst Teacher BA, MTTC 01/06/2002 11 Yrs
Ashlesha Sameer Kalkar Asst Teacher MA, DCA 01/06/2002 11 Yrs
Kavita Viraj Tikekar Asst Teacher B.Com,
Sangeet Visharad
20/06/2002 11 Yrs
Gayatri Dattatray Tamhankar Asst Teacher B.Hsc, MS. Counselling,
Child Develpoment
14/11/2002 11 Yrs
Suvarna Kishor Khandekar Asst Teacher B.Com, MTTC 02/06/2003 10 Yrs
Neeta Rajendra Mahajan Asst Teacher B.Sc MTTC 02/06/2003 10 Yrs
Vaishali Niranjan Salunke Asst Teacher B.Sc , ECCE 02/06/2003 10 Yrs
Rajashri Vinayak Kaunds Asst Teacher MA, MTTC 02/06/2003 10 Yrs
Sarita Nitin Sutwani Asst Teacher BA, Dip. PGDECE 27/06/2003 10 Yrs
Prita Unmesh Haval Asst Teacher B.Sc, TTC 01/06/2004 9 Yrs
Manasi Pravin Karnick Asst Teacher B.Hsc, ECCE, PGDPT 01/06/2004 9 Yrs
Manjiri Avdhut Dhawale Asst Teacher M.Com, PGDECE 01/06/2004 9 Yrs
Jitsu Mahendra Shah Asst Teacher MTTC 01/06/2004 9 Yrs
Sujata Santosh Ghatge Asst Teacher B.Com, MTC 01/06/2004 9 Yrs
Sumeet  Prakash Naidu Asst Teacher HSC, MTTC 01/06/2004 9 Yrs
Anuja Ajay Deshpande Asst Teacher B.Sc, MTTC 01/06/2004 9 Yrs
Kasturi Uday Palsule Asst Teacher B.Com, TTC 01/06/2004 9 Yrs
Neha Prashant Limaye Asst Teacher BA, Music, TTC 01/06/2005 8 Yrs
Manisha Dilip Kadam Asst Teacher M.SC, TTC 01/06/2005 8 Yrs
Swapnaja Hemant Shitole Asst Teacher 11th  01/06/2006 7 Yrs
Pournima Ramesh Navale Asst Teacher HSC, MTTC 01/12/2006 7 Yrs
Vaibhavi Vijay Mane Asst Teacher SSC/TTC 30/06/2008 5 Yrs
Swaroopa Shantilal Hajeri Asst Teacher M.Com, TTC 01/08/2008 5 Yrs
Archana Shankarrao Bhalekar Asst Teacher B.Com, PGDECE 24/08/2009 4 Yrs
Mukul Sujit Kusurkar Asst Teacher B.Com, DECCE 24/08/2009 4 Yrs
Veda Deepak Kulkarni Asst Teacher MA, DECCE 18/09/2009 4 Yrs

Close academics -->

Assessments are continuously done on weekly , monthly & yearly basis .Orals & Dictation of spellings are assessed every week .

EVS orals take place at the end of every month.

Academic evaluation is done at the end of every term.

We at Sinhgad Spring Dale School believe in an all round development of a child. Along with academic progress other areas of development are give equal importance. Physical development of gross and finer motors skills, cognitive development that covers the mental skills, attention span, Personality development, eating habits, studying habits, social skills, are also analyzed at the end of both terms.


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Close academics

Section wise Student Strength 
Std Div Girls Boys Total
Mini KG A 17 32 49
B 17 31 48
Total 2 34 63 97
Std Div Girls Boys Total
Jr  KG A 19 32 51
B 20 30 50
C 19 32 51
Total 3 58 94 152
Std Div Girls Boys Total
Sr  KG A 21 24 45
B 19 26 45
C 20 26 46
D 20 26 46
Total 4 80 102 182


Students & Parents contribute for each project of the new month through charts. Teachers put up Project Displays for topics like Vehicles/ Animals around us / Plant & Flowers /Sources & Uses of Water / Houses/ Food we eat.